Mid-term Conference

The GeoMol Mid-term Conference took place in Leoben, Austria, on 5th and 6th June 2014, kindly hosted by the Montanuniversität / Joanneum Research. It informed on the state-of-the-art, the (preliminary) results and developments of GeoMol including the official launch of GeoMol’s web-based transnational geo data infrastructure for dissemination and query of multidimensional geological information. The event focused on the scientific community and academia and provided a platform for discussion and exchange on recent concepts and developments in the fields of
  • seismic interpretation
  • 3D modelling and model parametrisation
  • geo data infrastructures and dissemination tools for 3D models
  • geo-potential assessment
  • foreland basin geology

application/pdf Agenda GeoMol Mid-term Conference (203 KByte)

Oral presentations

application/pdf Sachsenhofer et al. : The Alpine Foreland Basin in Austria: Controls of basin evolution on petroleum systems (20440 KByte)

application/pdf Ortner et al.: Geometry, sequence and amount of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse of western Austria and Bavaria (8268 KByte)

application/pdf Toscani et al.: Architecture of the Venetian Friulian Basin (7643 KByte)

application/pdf Przybycin et al.: The 3D lithospheric structure of the North Alpine Foreland Basin constrained by gravity modelling and the assessment of the 3D load distribution (Abstract) (9 KByte)

application/pdf Maesano et al.: Three dimensional evidences of pleistocenic growing anticline in the Po Plain (15091 KByte)

application/pdf Burrato et al.: Regional earthquake source models of the Po Plain based on full 3D definition of active faults (10277 KByte)

application/pdf Rupf et al.: Solving the jigsaw puzzle – Transnational geological models for the Upper Rhine Graben and the Molasse Basin (11917 KByte)

application/pdf Gabalda: 3D geological modelling at French geological survey (4277 KByte)

application/pdf von Goerne et al.: Potential use of the geological subsurface – 3D model of the North German Basin, a common approach of North German GSOs (2287 KByte)

application/pdf Šram: Issues on 3D geological modelling of transboundary aquifers in the Pannonian Basin (2549 KByte)

application/pdf Schaeben: Potential modeling – an application of 3d geomodels (10888 KByte)

application/pdf Piana et al: Surface and subsurface data for assessing geo-potentials in the westernmost part of the Po Plain (Italy) (28678 KByte)

application/pdf Gabriel et al.: A system for managing and delivering of 3D geo data cross institutions (2760 KByte)

application/pdf Schilling et al.: Brandenburg 3D – a comprehensive 3D subsurface model, conception of an infrastructure node and a web application (643 KByte)

application/pdf Thorpe & Mathers: Delivery of Geological Models at the British Geological Survey (2222 KByte)

application/pdf Pamer & Landmeyer: Streamlining the publication of subsurface properties. Thermal conductivity as an example (2521 KByte)

application/pdf Diepolder et al.: GeoMol - where we are now, how to remedy deficiencies, what comes next? (10048 KByte)

application/pdf Rman et al.: The use of regional models for geo(therma) potential assessment (4660 KByte)

application/pdf Dezayes & Lopez: Overview of the different correction methods for temperature data (1595 KByte)

application/pdf Casper: The correction of „Bottom-hole Temperatures“ (BHT) – Proposal for the BHT correction workflow (1848 KByte)

application/pdf Franke: Funding options – GeoMol follow-up (365 KByte)

Poster presentations

application/pdf Bottig et al.: Status of work in the pilot-area Bavaria / Upper Austria (10343 KByte)

application/pdf Capar et al.: Contribution of seismic processing to put up the scaffolding for the 3-dimentional study of deep sedimentary basins: the fundaments of transnational 3D Modelling in the project GeoMol (383 KByte)

application/pdf Clerc et al.: Status of the GeoMol Savoy-Geneva Pilot Area (2202 KByte)

application/pdf Freymark et al.: From the North Alpine Foreland Basin to the Upper Rhine Valley – the lithospheric-scale 3D structural and thermal configuration (Abstract) (309 KByte)

application/pdf Gerling et al.: Potential use of the geological subsurface – 3D model of the North German Basin, a common approach of north german GSOs (4878 KByte)

application/pdf Kozdrój et al.: 3D Geological Modelling and Geothermal Mapping – the First Results of the Transboundary Polish – Saxon Project “TransGeoTherm” (19043 KByte)

application/pdf Michael et al.: Assessment of geo-potentials in the Swiss Midlands pilot area (574 KByte)

image/jpeg Ortner et al.: Balanced cross sections of the Subalpine Molasse of Austria and Bavaria: Differential Miocene shortening causes clockwise vertical axis rotation in the external Alps (2362 KByte)

application/pdf Pamer: Dynamic velocity modelling (496 KByte)

application/pdf Pamer et al.: Assessment of Geothermal Potential in the Lake Constance-Allgäu pilot area (639 KByte)

application/pdf Pamer et al.: Development of a common 3D-Model in the Lake Constance Allgäu pilot area (741 KByte)

application/pdf Rybár et al.: Model of the Late Cenozoic development of Danube Basin - NW depocentre case study (34861 KByte)

GeoMol is funded by the Alpine Space Programme
as a part of the European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013
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