Brussels Information Day

The GeoMol Information Day hosted at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels, September 23rd, 2013, was mainly geared towards briefing decision makers and professionals on EU level on the objective and scope of the project and its possible political impact. Ten referents addressed different aspects of GeoMol’s cross-border approach, innovation and developments for a trans-nationally harmonised knowledge base and its contribution to the EU’s ‘resource-efficient Europe’ flagship initiative. Achievements from congeneric projects were presented as well as prospects of future target areas.

José Antonio Ruiz de Casas addressing GeoMol’s objectives and scope
Bernardo De Bernardinis on geopotentials vs. geological hazards


application/pdf Agenda GeoMol Information Day (303 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol – boosting green energy and resource efficiency through trans-nationally concerted geopotential assessment (Gerold Diepolder, LfU Augsburg) (11198 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol in the Alpine Space Programme (Stefanie Bischof, Alpine Space Programme JTS Munich) (1731 KByte)

application/pdf Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050 – Geology has a role to play (Jean-Christophe Füeg, SFOE Bern) (1223 KByte)

application/pdf Geopotentials vs. Geological hazards: the contribute of the geological knowledge (Bernardo De Bernardinis, ISPRA Rome) (6607 KByte)

application/pdf Towards an European Geothermal Resources and Reserves reporting code. Achievements and the road ahead (Miklos Antics, EGEC Brussels) (2571 KByte)

application/pdf Contribution of GeoMol to the 3rd dimension of the pan European Geological Data Infrastructure (François Robida, BRGM Orleans) (4574 KByte)

application/pdf Managing competing subsurface geo-potentials – status and requirements (Thomas Spörker, BMWFJ Vienna) (290 KByte)

application/pdf Transnational geological cooperation in the EU – experiences and benefits from the INTERREG IV A project GeORG (Ralph Watzel, LGRB Freiburg) (1802 KByte)

application/pdf What comes after GeoMol? – International transfer of geo-know-how between the Molasse and the Pannonian basins (Nina Rman, GeoZS Ljubliana) (6981 KByte)

GeoMol is funded by the Alpine Space Programme
as a part of the European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013
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