Kick-Off Conference

GeoMol Kick-off Conference, Munich, November 21st, 2012 – Program and Presentations

application/pdf Agenda GeoMol Kick-Off (71 KByte)


application/pdf Welcome Address (Christina von Seckendorff, Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health) (44 KByte)

application/pdf Introduction to the Alpine Space Programme (Anuška Štoka, Alpine Space Joint Secretariat) (742 KByte)

application/pdf Why GeoMol? Introduction to the Objectives and Scope of GeoMol (Gerold Diepolder, LfU Augsburg) (6769 KByte)

The GeoMol Work Packages

application/pdf GeoMol WP 3: Information and Publicity (Gerold Diepolder, LfU Augsburg) (783 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol WP 4: User Requirements (Rudolf Minder, BfE Bern) (115 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol WP 5: Data Preparation (Laure Capar, BRGM Orléans) (2209 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol WP 6: 3D Geology and Geo-potentials (Günter Sokol, LGRB Freiburg) (336 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol WP 7: Geodata Infrastructure (Helmut Schaeben, TU-BAF Freiberg) (235 KByte)

application/pdf GeoMol WP 8: Test and Pilot Activities (Gregor Götzl, GBA Wien) (528 KByte)

The GeoMol Test and Pilot Areas

application/pdf Geneva - Savoy (Laure Capar, BRGM Orléans) (2893 KByte)

application/pdf Swiss Mittelland (Roland Baumberger, swisstopo Wabern) (550 KByte)

application/pdf Lake Constance - Allgäu Area (Gunther Wirsing, LGRB Freiburg) (2198 KByte)

application/pdf Upper Bavaria - Upper Austria (Gregor Götzl, GBA Wien) (608 KByte)

application/pdf Brescia - Mantua - Mirandola Area (Chiara D' Ambrogi, ISPRA Roma) (6114 KByte)

Afternoon Session

application/pdf Results and products of the INTERREG-project GeORG: Geopotentials of the deep Upper Rhine Graben (Gunther Wirsing, LGRB Freiburg) (9784 KByte)

application/pdf The Underground Storage Potential in Germany - Existing and Developing Types of Use (Christian Müller, BGR Hannover) (6311 KByte)

application/pdf Project Requirements from the Users' Point of View - the Geothermal Business Association (Sabine Ewald, Wirtschaftsforum Geothermie Augsburg) (796 KByte)

application/pdf Public perception and participation in projects concerning the subsurface (Lasse Wallquist, Stiftung Risikodialog St. Gallen) (1274 KByte)

application/pdf Progress Report on GeoMol's WP 4 - User Requirements (Rudolf Minder, BfE Bern) (178 KByte)

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