Accesskeys can be used for navigating through the WEB-pages. On Windows systems press ALT key + keyboard shortcut (+ ENTER key Internet Explorer) for barrier-free navigating.

Currently used accesskeys are listed in the table below. All access keys are also displayed on the Sitemap.

Furthermore, menu items, links and formula elements are also accessible via the tabulator key.

Key Description
Alt + 1 Homepage
Alt + 2 Search
Alt + 3 Legal Notice
Alt + 4 Sitemap
Alt + 5 Service
Alt + 6 Documents
Alt + 7 Addresses
Alt + 8 BLA-GEO

Text equivalents

All graphics, images and other non-text elements of this Web-Site are provided with an alternative description text.

Screen flickering

This Web-Site contains no animations of moving images which could lead to uncomfortable screen flickering.


The menu items and navigation elements are accessible on all pages at the same location, except for the homepage.
The links of the navigation bar are controllable with the mouse as well as with keyboard shortcuts.
The contents of this Web-Site are structured by the use of titles and lists.

Content and layout

Style sheets (CSS) and HTML are used to differentiate between content, structure and layout.
The use of relative font sizes instead of fixed ones enables the visitor to set up the font size to his or her own requirements.

The files are structured in such a way that their contents also become accessible by the use of pure text browsers.
Proper style sheets (CSS) are provided for print versions of the Web-Site.


This Web-Site has been done without blinking graphics, animated images and scrolling text.

GeoMol is funded by the Alpine Space Programme
as a part of the European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013
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